Below is an ongoing watched list starting with  January 2017, with streaming service identified. I can't guarantee that titles are all still streaming as of this posting.  Share your thoughts if you have seen any of these recently! comment here

I have added bold font to film titles I thought were fantastic. I have italicized any that I would not recommend.  Andy 

             perhaps we've seen too much..!

            perhaps we've seen too much..!

film - year - director - streaming service

Good Time  2017  Bennie and Josh Safdie  Amazon

George Harrison: Living in the Material World  2011  Martin Scorcese

Fanny and Alexander  Ingmar Bergman  1982  Filmstruck

Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago  2018  Peter Pardini  Netflix

A Futile and Stupid Gesture  2018  David Wain  Netflix

Rebecca  1940  Alfred Hitchcock  Youtube

Alps  2011  Yorgos Lanthimos  Amazon

The Cloverfield Paradox  2018  Julius Onah  Netflix

Mudbound  2017  Dee Rees  Netflix

Rififi  1955  Jules Dassin  Filmstruck

The Open House  2017  Matt Angel & Suzanne Coote  Netflix

A Gray State  2017  Erik Nelson  Netflix

Super Dark Times  2017  Kevin Phillips  Netflix

Before I Wake  2017  Mike Flanagan  Netflix

The Prestige  2006  Christopher Nolan  Netflix

Bright  2017  David Ayers  Netflix

Oslo, August 31  2012  Joachim Trier  Filmstruck

Voyeur  2017  Myles Kane, Josh Koury  Netflix

Le Corbeau  1943  Henri-George Clouzot  Filmstuck

Poison  1991  Todd Haynes  Amazon

The Sorrow and the Pity  1969  Marcel Ophuls   Filmstruck

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy  2011   Tomas Alfredson  Netflix

Sing  2016  Garth Jennings, Christophe Lourdelet  Netflix  

Tokyo Twilight  1957  Yasujiro Ozu   Fimlstruck

Tokyo Story  1953  Yasujiro Ozu  Filmstruck

The Hateful 8  2015  Quentin Tarantino  Netflix

My Life to Live (Vivre Sa Vie)  1962  Jean-Luc Goddard  Filmstruck

Harlan County, USA  1976  Barbara Kopple  Filmstruck

Raw  2016  Julia Ducournau  Netflix

On the Waterfront  1954  Elia Kazan  Filmstruck

Seven Samurai  1954  Akira Kurosawa  Filmstruck

Ikiru  1952  Akira Kurosawa  Filmstruck

The Bad Batch  2017 Ana Lily Amirpour  Netflix

Pather Panchali  1955  Satyajit Ray  Filmstruck

Sunshine Hotel  2001  Michael Dominic  Amazon

Pickpocket  1959  Robert Bresson  Filmstruck

A Man Escaped  1956  Robert Bresson  Filmstruck

Kubo and the Two Strings  2016  Travis Knight  Netflix

David Lynch: The Art Life  2016  Jon Nguyen  Amazon

White Materials  2009  Claire Denis  Amazon

Freulein  2006  Andrea Staka  Amazon

The Duke Of Burgundy  2014  Peter Strickland  Netflix

They Live By Night  1948  Nicholas Ray  Filmstruck

Laura  1944  Otto Preminger  Filmstruck

Solaris  1972  Andrei Tarkovsky  Filmstruck

The Handmaiden  2016  Chan-wook Park  Amazon

The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg  1964  Jacques Demy  Filmstruck

Nobody Speak: Trials Of The Free Press  2017  Brian Knappenberger  Netflix

Eyes Of My Mother  2016  Nicolas Pesce  Netflix

The Discovery  2017  Charlie McDowell  Netflix

To The Bone  2017  Marty Noxon  Netflix

The Third Man  1949  Carol Reed  Netflix

Okja  2017  Joon-ho Bong  Netflix

Christine  2016  Antonio Campos  Netflix

Casting Jon Binet  2017  Kitty Green  Netflix

Don'T Think Twice  2016  Mike Birbiglia  Netflix

Tower  2016  Keith Maitland  Netflix

I Don'T Feel At Home In This World Anymore  2017  Macon Blair  Netflix

Pervert Park  2014  Frida Barkfors, Lasse Barkfors  Netflix

The Witness  2015  James D. Solomon  Netflix

Under The Shadow  2016  Babak Anvari  Netflix

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House  2016  Oz Perkins  Netflix

Fallen Angel  1945  Otto Preminger  Filmstruck

In The Mood For Love  2000  Kar-wai Wong  Filmstruck

Bigger Than Life  1956  Nicholas Ray  Filmstruck

Diabolique  1955  Henri-Georges Clouzot  Filmstruck

Black Narcissus  1947  MIchael Powell  Filmstruck

Crumb  1994  Terry Zwigoff  Filmstruck

This Is Martin Bonner  2013  Chad Hartigan  Amazon

Paterson  2016  Jim Jarmusch  Amazon

Paradise Lost 1-3  1996-2011  Tony Brooks & Diana Davis  Amazon

Them  2006  David Moreau & Xavier Palud  Amazon

I Am Not Your Negro  2016  Raoul Peck  Amazon

Long Strange Trip  2017  Amir Bar-Lev  Amazon

The Blackcoats Daughter  2015  Oz Perkins  Amazon

Trilogy Of Terror  1975  Dan Curtis  Amazon

Captain Fantastic  2016  Matt Ross  Amazon

What We Do In The Shadows  2014  Jermaine Clement & Taika Waititi  Netflix

The Greasy Strangler  2016  Jim Hosking  Amazon

Camera Person  2016  Kristin Johnson  Amazon

Death Note  2017  Adam Wingard  Netflix

Wages Of Fear  1953  Henri-Georges Clouzot  Filmstruck