Our Goal

cinema-worcester's primary goal is to create a non-profit, independent, full time, community cinema for Worcester. Until that objective is within reach, the focus of cinema-worcester will be to build notoriety and support for the concept. We are committed to building a true community cinema, interactive with and responsive to the preferences of residents of Worcester and the surrounding area. 

The mission of cinema-worcester is to inspire, entertain, and educate the Worcester community through innovative film programming. The cinema will show independent and foreign films, in addition to cult classics, family fare, and overlooked gems from cinema history. Programming for cinema-worcester will strive to appeal to the diversity of the city, and include local and regional films as featured presentations. 

Review the calendar below for upcoming events, and get details in our coming soon! section. 

An Appeal to Interested Parties

Please reach out if you have general interest. If you have experience in non profit and/or cinema management, fundraising/marketing, film making, event planning, or any related skill, we will be forming a Board of Directors in the near future. Please indicate if you are interested. Thank you! Andy Grigorov